Useful Links

These are links which have been useful for us. Please do not use any of these as diagnostic tools, only professionals can do that & most kids are too complex for a form anyway!

Coventry Grid (ASD vs Attachment Disorders) here.

Feelings face cards to aid recognition of facial expressions & emotions here. For younger children emoji faces or lego people can work well.

Incredible 5 Point Scale. These can be useful for emotional regulation work, there are lots of different versions and can be modified for different age groups. As ever Pinterest is my go to resource for ideas.

Circle of Control, you can find lots of ideas for these on Pinterest.

Cerebra DLA guide, a must for those trying to claim for someone with a neurological condition. I'd recommend it to anyone claiming DLA as it explains what is required much more clearly than the DWP guide.

Talking Point is useful for anyone concerned about their child's speech.

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