Autism Assessment Process Pt3

Our feedback appointment was a few weeks ago but we still haven't received our final report. The good news is we got an autism diagnosis!!

At the feedback appointment they basically go through the draft report with you and answer any questions. You are able to read through the draft report at home & contact them with any questions or corrections. The report summarises any observations & assessments that were done along with the parent/carer interview. At the back there is the diagnostic criteria & the parts which apply to our child are highlighted. There is a conclusion which summarises the whole thing and states that our child has ASD.

After this there is an action plan with recommendations. Luckily for us most of the recommendations are already in place & in the My Support Plan in school. There are also recommended referrals such as SALT & Occupational Therapy. 

We only have our draft report but I've heard some have to wait months for the final report. When it is posted (in our area) a copy is also sent to the child's school and GP. I've also been told that a resource pack is sent out with it although I suspect that by the time you've had your assessment (we waited years) the resources are almost useless!

Update: We received our report around a month later. There was no information pack with it.

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