The Ups & Downs of Renting

This week we get to view a housing association property. We've rented privately and been on waiting lists for almost 7 years so this is definitely progress! If we get it we'll be around £200 better off every month and have much more security.

Our rental history is not too bad if I'm honest.
The first was infested with rats and had an invasion of ants now and again.
Our first house was a big 3 bed with a massive garden. It was utterly freezing with rotten windows but we put up with it.
The next one was a tiny cottage. After 2 children and black walls we made a very hasty move down the road to an under dwelling. I hate under dwellings. It was dark and smelled damp but we stayed at good 18 months.
All these properties had one thing in common. An owner who had an investment. They'd do the urgent repairs, the properties were liveable. They were never homes and there was always the risk they'd like to cash in on their investment.

The next house was beautiful. It was very well maintained, in a lovely area but further away from family. We ended up moving back!
So here we are in a small but liveable house. It's near schools and family, in a good area with plenty of kids. But there's always a but. Our landlady does the essentials. It's an investment and she'll maintain it as much as she needs to. She allows us to decorate which is great. She also has children and is at an aget where retirement is considered. It's not truly our home.

The property we're viewing is the same size minus the garden. It's newer, has solar panels and a decent boiler, is on a good little estate with room to play and is only down the road. It's well maintained and then there's the price and stability.
How could we say no?

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