Big School

Big Man started big school this time. I was dreading it a bit if i'm honest, but not for the same reasons as most parents. I'm quite happy for my kids to move onto school, i wasn't in tears at the school gates, i can't wait for the next one to start.

Big Man is a SEND kid. For those of you who don't have one of those kids that is Special Educational Needs & Disabilities.

I have the usual newbie worries. Will he actually like it? Will he do well academically? Will he make friends. All these questions are amplified if you have one of those kids. So far he does seem to like it and bounds in every morning eager to be there. He doesn't always eat his dinner, he has to have packed lunches because he's unbelievably fussy. He plays on the same play equipment every break time, i have no idea if he has friends although he knows most kids from preschool. Academically who knows?! I'm not a big fan of the latest curriculum so if he doesn't read well until later or he struggles with cursive writing i'll not worry too much. Those worries belong to other parents.

I'll concentrate on teaching him social skills that others just know, taking him to SLT appointments, making sure school bring in the support teams & services he requires. I'll make sure the school continues to progress his IEP and attempt to get an EHCP in place. I'll attend support groups and learn all the abbreviations that other parents are unaware of. Those are my priorities.

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